The Art Department of NCC would like to welcome our new students and their parents to Northampton. We hope that this summer’s orientation will be a successful start to your academic journey here at Northampton.  If you have any questions about our programs and courses, feel free to reach out to one of our full-time faculty members, which you will be meeting during the orientation.

To start this journey, we want to make sure that everyone is registered for the appropriate courses for next Fall.  The two-year schedule for the Fine Art and Communication Design programs includes courses that are sequential and often only offered once a year, and for every student to be able to complete their program in two years, the order of the courses that the students will take is essential.

For both the Fine Art and Communication Design programs we recommend that students take the following courses during their first Fall semester:

  1. ARTA 101 – Art History Survey

  2. ARTA 107 – Drawing I **

  3. ARTA 111 – Principles of 2-D Design and Color **

  4. ARTA 170 – Computer Graphics **

  5. ENGL 101C – English I

** By taking ARTA 107, ARTA 111, and ARTA 170 during their first semester, students will be able to switch their program (ie. Fine Art, Communication Design, Web Development) after their first semester without delaying the completion of their program.