Fine Art Courses

Humanities & Social Sciences
Degree awarded: Associate in Arts

Program Narrative

Northampton’s Fine Art Program is a transfer degree meant to parallel the first two years of a bachelor’s degree. The program provides students with a thorough introduction to the basic areas of study in the visual arts. We help you develop a strong set of foundation skills for future artistic growth.

Upon successful completion of our program, you will have a clear understanding of the core technical, conceptual and aesthetic issues involved in creating successful works of art. You also will have prepared a portfolio, drawn from examples of your course work, for transfer to a four-year baccalaureate program (B.A. or B.F.A.) at a college, university or art school.

In NCC’s well-equipped studio facilities you will have the opportunity to explore the arts in small classes with close student-instructor interaction. In your fourth semester, studio time will increase greatly to allow you to hone your talents while working on art projects for credit. Also during this semester, you will have the chance to consult one-to-one with a professional artist from a gallery in New York City, who will examine and critique your work. Courses in this program are offered primarily during the day.

Program Features

First year art offerings include Drawing I, Drawing II, Principles of 2-D Design & Color, and Principles of 3-D Design. These courses emphasize essential skills for studying all of the visual arts. You will also take introductory courses in Art History, Computer Graphics, and Painting. Advanced Drawing and Painting follow, along with additional choices in 2-D and 3-D media such as Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, and Ceramics. In the final semester, Media Art features a synthesis of traditional art techniques and experimental digital technology.

During the final capstone course, Individual Studio/Professional Practices, you have the opportunity and personal challenge of synthesizing their accumulated experience and knowledge into a highly individualized series of artworks for a final group exhibition. You may also maintain an extensive sketchbook/journal and use this resource for writing assignments and studio work. The program also expands your knowledge of the professional fine art world through visits to museums, galleries, and art centers in New York City, Philadelphia, and the Lehigh Valley. There, you will speak with artists, curators, gallery directors, and art museum personnel who will share their wealth of experience.

Program Requirements

Contact the Admissions Office at 610.861.5500 for further information.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the program will:

  • Understand basic art media (materials) and create artworks demonstrating acquired core techniques and their applications with proficient craftsmanship.
  • Understand and utilize design (elements of art and principles of organization) in the creation of successful artworks.
  • Show creativity (the process of synthesizing understanding and imagination) in design solutions on issues of form, style, and content.
  • Recognize and use the technical and aestheticterminology of the fine arts.
  • Develop and use critical thinking skills to analyze artworks, both verbally and in writing.
  • Understand the essential workings of the professional art world and be prepared to transfer to four year colleges/universities/art schools offering the B.A. or B.F.A. degree.


Associate in Arts Degree

Course Code Course Title
First Semester
ARTA 101 Art History Survey
ARTA 107 Drawing I
ARTA 111 Principles of 2-D Design and Color
ARTA 170 Computer Graphics
ENGL 101C English I
Second Semester
ARTA 110 Principles of 3-D Design
ARTA 124 Drawing II
ARTA 158 Painting I
CMTH 102 Speech Communication
ENGL 151L English II (Literature)
Third Semester
ARTA 162 or Sculpture or
ARTA 161 Ceramics
ARTA 204 Drawing III
ARTA 226 Painting II
————- Science Elective (SCI)
————- Social Science: (WI) Societies and Institutions over Time Elective (SIT)
Fourth Semester
ARTA 164 or Printmaking or
ARTA 151 Black and White Photography
ARTA 220 Media Art
ARTA 260 Individual Studio/Professional Practices
MATH 120 The Nature of Mathematics
————- Social Science: (WI) Scientific Study of Human Behavior Elective (SSHB)
Total Credits


  • The electives specified above must be taken from the list of approved courses in each of the categories.
  • One course should be designated as Diversity and Global Awareness (D).
  • Students must take two General Education Electives (SIT, SSHB or SCI) in Writing Intensive (WI) sections. WI course sections are identified with a “G” following the course number.
  • Computer competencies are included in various courses in this program, specifically ARTA 111, 170, and 220. Thus, completing the program automatically satisfies the computing requirement.

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