Art Faculty

Our faculty are both experienced educators and professionals with ongoing experience in the studio and working with other creative professionals in the Industry

Full-Time Faculty

Thomas is the Director of Art Programs at Northampton Community College. He has exhibited his photographs extensively over the past 30 years.

Thomas ShilleaDirector of Art Programs

Rachael is a full time professor and a painter whose work spans a variety of media, exhibited with Mathilde Hatzenberger Gallery in Brussels in 2019. 

Rachael Gorchov Full-TIme Professor

Jason is a digital artist, painter, graphic designer, photographer, and educator. Since 1999, Jason has been deeply involved in developing digital media/art.

Jason Zulli Full-TIme Professor

Mark is an interactive designer specialzing in mobile applications, game design, and animation. He has an MFA in Interactive Design and Game Development from SCAD.

Mark Koberlein Full-TIme Professor

Adjunct Faculty

Will is a representational painter and has exhibited in NYC.

William Hudders Adjunct Professor

Joseph has exhibited his mixed media art in NY, LA, and Philadelphia.

Mick ChapukAdjunct Professor

Jan paints her exhibited works in plein air and in the studio.

Jan Crooker Adjunct Professor

He has been a professional ceramic artist for over 30 years.

Walter HeathAdjunct Professor

Gayle brings nearly 35 years of design and illustration experience.

Gayle HendricksAdjunct Professor

 Isadore teaching Art History, Drawing and his love of painting. 

Isadore LaDucaAdjunct Professor

Alexadra has taught Art History in Cleveland, Miami, and Philadelphia

Alexandra Snowden Adjunct Professor

Douglas has an extensive exhibitions and collaboration with artists.

Douglas Zucco Adjunct Professor

Bill enjoys the Intaglio Acid Etch process and Linoleum block cutting.

William Rusk Adjunct Professor

Traci has a passion for design, giving life to ideas, and teaching students. 

Traci Anfuso-YoungAdjunct Professor

Lydia works with a variety of media like oils, fibers, acrylic, and bronze.

Lydia ChiappiniAdjunct Professor

Carmelina enjoys painting and experimenting with design.

Carmelina Lombardi Adjunct Professor

James is a commercial photography, painter, and digital artist.

James SmullAdjunct Professor

Sarah is an energetic award-winning graphic designer.

Sarah Sterner-Hausknecht Adjunct Professor

Cindy is an exhibiting artis with a BFA from The School for Visual Arts

Cindy Vojnovic Adjunct Professor

Layne has 20 years experience in all aspects of product and package design

Layne LyonsAdjunct Professor

Her ceramic sculptures explore themes of memory and language

Liz WheelerAdjunct Professor

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