Jason Zulli

Associate Professor

Jason Zulli is a digital artist, painter, graphic designer, photographer, and educator. He has completed his Bachelor’s of Arts in Graphic Design & Integrative Arts from Penn State University and earned his Master’s Degree in Instructional Design and Development from the Education College at Lehigh University. Jason also completed his Project Management Certificate while at Lehigh University.

During his studies at Penn State he started Zulli Productions design company which developed and designed 3D animations, interactive videos, websites, motion graphics, Interactive CD-ROMs, and graphic designs for numerous companies such as: Erie Insurance, New York law firms, Eastern Pa Business Journal, Council of Tall Buildings, Big Bear Promotions, and Executive Collections. Jason’s graduate work focused on instructional technology and development where he developed a thesis “Interface Design Usability”. His research consisted of teacher learning environments, RFP’s, Interface Design, and E-learning. During his graduate work he developed the first Interactive Media Wall, which is still displayed in the Lobby of Packard Hall at Lehigh University. Jason is deeply rooted in teaching and learning theories. View more of his theories here.

After graduating, Jason worked for the Marketing and Development Department at Lehigh University were he developed content and software for the Engineering College. He later began teaching instructional design for 2 years at Lehigh University under the Engineering, IPD (Integrative Product Development) and Education departments.

Since 1999, Jason has been deeply involved in developing digital media/art. His first pieces of art were developed with Mac Paint and displayed in the art gallery at Penn State. “He is considered an artist of the paint box era”, Daily Collegian. He has created numerous digital art works for Zoom Zoom Magazine and his artwork as been exhibited in local and regional galleries. Jason presently holds a tenure-track position at Northampton Community College where he teaches media art, new media theory & practice, new media productions, web design, flash, 3D animation courses.