Michael Stek IV

Michael Stek IV received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Clarion University. He completed his Master of Fine Arts from Marywood University, attended a ceramic study abroad through Alfred University to China. With a strong fascination with archeology, anthropology and art since childhood. Some of his greatest influences have been the primal forms and stories of traditional cultures from around the world.

Being active in teaching for over 30 years and a professional ceramic artist. Creating art in public and private venues to working with children and adults throughout my adult life. It was really during later part of his undergrad studies where he began using his early life experience years growing up where he had traveled the world that his area of personal interest began to focus on clay and in particular, figurative, gestural clay sculptures, and traditional historical forms. His process evolved as integral components of rituals and influenced civilizations over time. Living the cultures of some of the world along with research and study (BFA in painting, MFA in Ceramics and Painting) highly influenced his own creative endeavors.


Michael Stek IVAdjunct Professor

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