Majors and Programs

NCC keeps the goal, path and success of the student in mind in the designing of the Communications, General Studies and Liberal Arts programs. Students can expect to become well-rounded in human relationship skills, critical thinking, global perspectives, the understanding and disseminating of information to mass audiences, reasoning and strategy, and technical and study skills. Getting involved in any of these concentrations provides the unique opportunity of becoming competitive in many job markets.

Fine Art

The Fine Art program helps develop a student’s artistic interest and strengths. As students build their portfolio, they will be encouraged to develop creativity through discovery. Read More

Communication Design

The Communication Design program offers talented students a solid education in the elements and principles of design, editorial design layout, typographic design, photography, web design, 3D computer animation and motion graphics. Read More

Web Development

Web sites are indispensable tools for every aspect of business. If you’re interested in being a part of this growing field of employment, you will want to secure the right set of skills. Read More

Website Design Specialized Diploma

This specialized diploma 16-credit program provides hands-on training and experience in designing compelling and functional web sites. Read More

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